Thursday, January 20, 2011

Practice is over - Win Ugly

Practice is over

We can certainly strive for perfection - or try to be perfect - during your training and practice sessions. However, one of the main goals is to accept that we can’t be perfect when we play sports. We are human and will make mistakes. Even the best in the world mess up or goof up from time to time.
You have worked hard, trained hard, and practiced up to this point. Hopefully in the process. learned things, practiced the things you learned and improved what you were not doing as well before.
It doesn’t help to continue to work on or master these skills just before a game or competition.
The most important goal is to perform with confidence, focus and trust. The zone can only be reached by confidence in you own skills and absolute focus on the game.

Win ugly

Practice is over. Now is not the time to think about perfect form.
Maybe you will not make the most elegant play or look like a star if went down a contract because there was a hole in your knowledge or because your thinking was not optimal.
You may trip over your own feet, make a mistake because your thinking was not optimal, mess up the timing of a play, get a good score out of a poor action.
Play to play great today, which means get the job done, even if your game looks and feels imperfect or ugly. This is what we call “winning ugly.”

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