Monday, January 10, 2011

1 to 10 before the game

Have you ever heard of an Olympic medal winner who never trained at least 6 hours a day. Has a chess world champion won a championship match without hours after hours of serious work.

If we do not train, how realistic is it to expect to win anything significant. More likely, we will only ever been a Wanna-be and one day a Has-been.
But assuming that we take our training seriously, there is the competion aspect. So here are 10 pre-game tips for the May-be:
  1. Practice is over
  2. Win ugly
  3. Get-out-of-jail cards
  4. Performance mindset
  5. Forget expectations
  6. Process goals, not win goal
  7. Strive for success, not avoiding failure or mistakes.
  8. Go For It!
  9. Kiss
  10. The performer.
 Soon more details. After all, the devil is in the detail

A winner

A peacock

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