Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hello again. It has been a while

Well it had been a while that I had held a bunch of cards in my hand. Life got a bit complicated and bridge had to take a back seat.
But it is like driving a bike, you don't forget.
While my interest in what drives outstanding performance still remains, having spent an afternoon at a pleasant social game at the local club, I realised how much I like the game even if I don't get to play it. I will get back the topic of performace but in the name of fun, here is a hand.
 We are back at the club. Not a difficult hand, but not a hand I can talk to my partner about so I had to find a place to vent a little, What better place than here.
OK you are my partner , we are playing matchpoints (my favourtite part of the game) and we are defending 2 Spades
Here are the cards and the bidding:

The plays goes as follow:
DK D4 D2 D3
C5 C4 CQ C7
What is your play?

My last game before that was the fun I had in the playoff last year. Not the strongest event I have participated in but the most motivation for me. I was happy to be there (even though the team was expected to be a no-win team) Having looked at the results later, I realised that while I was far from card perfect, it was one of my best performance. Since I had not taken any magic potion to improve my bidding or card play, clearly some other factor was at play. In that order, I would say.

I had the confidence I could perform better than anyone else there (call me cocky)
I had the best of partners. Her capacity to stay solid and to stay on her side of the table was second to none.
I slept well, ate well, and did not do late night drinks (except on the last day)
Since the team was not that strong, my only focus was be to play well so that the captain would play us a lot :) :)  which was achieved :) :)
So I do hope that the opportunity to play comes again.


  1. Salud Quickdraw,
    Returning any small diamond would have turned 21% into 67%. Returning diamond 2 is worth all
    the matchpoints:)

  2. yes, small diamond for the defensive cross-ruff. Although, I hope you played the Q!C on the first round, not the King.

  3. Well I was not holding it :)
    I was more like the victim of the ignominous squeezee for the 9th trick.