Thursday, May 20, 2010

The player, the competitors, and the game strategy

The role of the coach will be along 3 lines:

  1. Players/partnership Development: Assessment - Learning- Development -Remediation
  2. Tournament preparation - Knowlege of competitions - (system, style, skill level, application, apparent strength, weak points)
  3. Tournament support - provide input to captain as to sitting strategy
  4. Tournement performance review - input into captain report

Players development:
The first step will be to assess the current skills set. The first step of any improvment is the active knowledge that something needs improvment. The assessment will be based on
  • Past performance
  • Self-assessment
  • Peers assessment

The assessment is partly partnership based as a player alone can never win a world title all by himself.

Technical skills - (not fully based on past performance as other factors interfer on technique)
  • Technical knowledge - %, combinations, deceptive play.. techniques. Assessment based on a set of constructed hands to be played in training sessions. This may well be mainly targetted to the developing players.
  • Partnership system - Completness and efficiency
  • System knowledge
  • Partnership defense skills

Performance skills - (this is primarily based on observation of past peformance and self- assessment)
  • Competitive style
  • Focus style
  • Competitive strengths & weaknesses
  • Demonstrated level of commitment
  • partnership skills
  • Full assessment of performance in last 10 major tournaments:
  • Efficiency of system in a competitive arena
  • System usage
  • Application of technical skills
  • Number/type of unforced errors - bidding
  • Number/type of unforced errors - defense
  • Number/type of unforced errors - play
  • Missed opportunies
  • Displayed areas of strength
  • Behavior outside game time
  • Tournament preparation
  • Refocus skills
  • External relevant factors

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