Monday, May 17, 2010

No more excuses !

Often when a player makes a mistake, he is quite prone to offer by the way of justification:

"How I was nervous" or "I was tired from last nite" or "I was psyched out" or any other excuse that seems relevant at the time. The excuse is likely to be a good one and to the point. Then the issue is put to rest and forgotten until the next time.

ButI fail to see how it makes anything better. Whether an error is due to due to lack of knowledge, faulty logic or faulty thinking or whether it is due to a lack of attention, the result is the same. What is the use of being clever if we do not capitalise on our talent.

If a player does not takes as much care improving his performance skills as he works on improving his technical knowledge, the gold will always be eluding him.

So next time you want to pull out the good old excuse card, remember: What are you going to do different to ensure it does not happen again.


  1. I saw this somewhere:

    "When you lose, don't lose the lesson."

  2. :) Witty !!
    I wish I had thought about it.