Friday, July 17, 2009

Zap the blocks

They say that practice makes perfect. So:

• Continuing to monitor and jot notes periodically about your focus, and lack of
focus, in your training games.
• After a session of bridge, take a brief, all-senses inventory during the experience of feeling completely focused. This can contribute to your “automaticity” of becoming more naturally and continuously focused, a kind of “muscle memory” of concentration.
• Create concentration intervals during your training matches. Define a specific period of time – 30 minutes, 1 hours, whatever stretches you – and maintain a competition-level focus during that time. Allow for recovery time then repeat the interval
• Experiment with the number and duration of these intervals. Log a few notes after your training
• Implement your refocus plan for your top distractors. At the end of a day, make a brief note of your results
• Away debrief yourself at then end of a competition, especially in regards to your top distractors. • Be merciless in your self-assessment.
• As your find that your top distractors get under control, go back to your list and work on the next top 3 distractors

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