Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Taking a detour along the side of luck

To talk about LUCK, the dreaded luck, the unfaithful mistress who seems to desert you when you wanted her most.

How many time have I barely stopped myself from saying.: “Mmmm, really did not have much luck this tournament! As if somehow, it would wash my sins away and redeem me as a good player who was just not lucky that day.

So, L-U-C-K - What is it?

Acronym for “Living Under Correct Knowledge
If you have the correct knowledge on how to do something, you will succeed. That’s what everyone call successful people lucky people. If you bake a cake without the right knowledge and burnt the cake, is it unlucky? If you take driving lessons before, apply your hard gained knowledge to drive your car and never knock it into a tree, are you lucky?

"Luck is where preparation and opportunity meet”

You have to be the right person at the right time in the right place and doing the right thing." You are doing something to make it possible for luck to be on your side. It is a matter of whom you are becoming.

"Luck is probability taken personally. It is the excitement of bad math.”Penn F. Jillette

Or according to the likes of Jean Paul Sartre or Sigmund Freud:

“Bad Luck is an escape from personal responsibility.”
"A belief in luck has more to do with a locus of control for events in one’s life and the subsequent escape from personal responsibility. According to this theory, one who ascribes their travails to "bad luck" will be found upon close examination to be living risky lifestyles."

Luck really is the life story of the postage stamp:

A stamp with an attitude that is. The postage stamp that sticks till it gets to the destination.

So no matter where we are, no matter how bad it is, no matter how frustrating it has been, we must stick to the end, although it can really very difficult to achieve, We don’t leave because things don't  look like they were going to be good. Because you must assume that the opportunity will arise. To stay is to practice the art of being lucky The advantage of staying put is that consistency will  pay off and if we have done the right amount and type of preparation, (a big if,  admitedly) success is inevitable. Albert Einstein said it correctly:; Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. Even when you are doing the right thing, do it to till luck comes.

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  1. I'm enjoying this series, even though I'm usually too lazy to comment. Thank you for doing it.

    I saw you came to my web site. There are topics there besides bridge. On the right-hand side near the top, you can click on "bridge" and it will bring up only the pieces that are bridge-related.

    We have an Australian here in the office (ACBL headquarters, Memphis, TN, USA) who was working in our library -- Tim Bourke. Small world.