Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The "Zone"

What is the Zone?

The zone is an altered state of consciousness. When we are in the zone, our normal way of experiencing things is dramatically altered. By examining the descriptions provided by elite level athletes, it's possible to identify some of the common alterations of perception that occur when an athlete has a "peak experience", or enters the "zone" or "flow" state
  • There is a feeling of complete control, total confidence.
  • We know with certainty what is going to happen before it actually occurs.
  • Time is slowed down.
  • Objects seem larger and/or more vivid than usual.
  • The performance is effortless, occurring automatically without any conscious direction.
  • There is a feeling of exhilaration even joy.
  • The level of performance exceeds our own expectations, making us aware of a higher level of potential than we would have hoped for.

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  1. "Objects seem larger and/or more vivid than usual"


    In this interview, not in English, the cricketer Sehwag remarks that when you have already scored 250-odd runs, there is no question of nervousness because the cricket ball starts appearing like a football.