Thursday, April 16, 2009

Handball and bridge

Focus at work

Time to look at the focus styles used during a game of bridge.

Bridge is a team game - even though some of us may have a tendency to play solo - so I will first illustrate the concept of shifting focuses with a ball game before applying it to bridge. I have always been a keen sportswomen and tried many sports, but my first choice was - and still is - European Handball which I played competitively when I lived in France. So this is what I know and will use it here

(For those not in the know, team handball is a cross between soccer and basketball. If you want to be in the know, look at )

Brief summary of the game

  • A cross between basketball and soccer. Same size court has basketball, 6 players (plus goalie for handball), a goal net for each side, like in soccer, but use of hands instead of feet. A line 7 meters away from the goal is the last defense line. This line cannot be crossed.
  • Each team: 3 back positions: left back, right back and center back. 3 front positions: left wing, right wing and pivot and the goalie
  • The aim or course is to score more goals that the opponents
Focus Styles used during a game of Handball

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