Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A game of mistakes

A game of mistake

Everywhere, we will see players, from the highest standards to the average player, make mistakes that they should have known not to make – if only they had thought it through.. More than one bridge star has reflected on this and commented: ”I make mistakes, luckily my opponents make more. This is why I win more often that most”.

I was reading an article recently about the story of a team of international experts who went on to lose a match by 1 imp to a team of inexperienced players who had much less technical knowledge !

In all endeavours where one needs to achieve peak performance, one of the key ingredient of success is the ability of to maintain focus.Without this, there is no winner. All the skills that we bring to the table will not be sufficient if a lack of focus prevents us from using these skills effectively.

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  1. This reminds of a Bob Hamman quote " I know how bad I am, the number of mistakes I make. But I look around the room, and I see how much worse everyone else is, that gives me the drive to still aim to win."