Friday, March 23, 2012

Lucky works for me

I was musing some time back on the topic of luck, the fickle mistress of the bridge player: She comes when she pleases. Along of the side of luck.
My club game was going along, not very well at all. I had been sitting iddle for a while, and I was waiting for the cards that gave me an opportunity to raise our score.
Then came this hand. Not worth to give as a problem.  It is not partificularly difficut, though I guess our opponents did not think so at the time.
The play was
S5 S2 S9 ST
S4 S8 SK C2  (upside down attitude signal as it turned out)
For lack of a better plan
D7 4 6 9
C3 5 K A
And that was the end of the hand. I played DA and a D and W returned JC but  had to give me a major suit trick in the end.
Well I could not wait to see where the C9 was to tell you the truth.

So the morale of the story is: luck come in all sorts of shape, defensive errors, lucky lie of the cards... But you have to be there to collect it. And then being there, make sure you give it the opportunity.

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