Sunday, March 11, 2012

Adventures at the club

Bridge can be fun at the local club.
I was dummy on the hand, and partner tried her best to make the hand.  It was certainly highly entertaining.

The contract is 4 . Your go:
J 6 3 A
4 T 9 7
3 8 5 2    

 (This is what happened at the table so I am going along. But if you put up the T, that will hold)

As for me, I will be maybe doing some vugraph for the Australian playoffs in a couple of weeks.
I also did that last year for the women  playoff . You would never know that counting to 13 could be such a challenge. Australia seems to have lost its touch. (Well apologies to my australian audience, but think about it before getting offended).
I must say that playing in any final can be tiring and players are bound to make a higher number of mistakes then.
Which comes back to my earlier post:
Have plenty of sleep when you play in a tournament, because if you end up fighting for the top spot, you want to be the one who is still awake.
(There is a this fun post on bridgetopics. worth a read for sure What Bocci has to say)

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