Thursday, May 14, 2009

Still your Mind – Pysch up

To maximise our chances or getting into the “zone”, mental preparation is essential. The purpose the pre-game routine is to help us find this place wihin ourself where external and internal meaningless distractions cannot enter.

The goal is to let go of our ego – self consciousness, to shut out the distractions and to become the performance (without judgement and evaluation). Our bridge actions must becomes “autotelic” ( an end in itself, done for it’s own sake).

Listed below are a few techniques used to attain the state of mind where we lose this self-consciousness. Mainly, I have found some of these techniques useful when something happens at the table and I am risk of losing my cool. A key point is that you can trigger yourself back to intense concentration in any way you like but it needs to be consistent. Practice us and use the same cue for the same situations.


Find Your Center
Now don’t think I have gone mystical. The concept of Chi is used in martial arts. It refers to our internal life-force energy. The major location of chi in the body is a space located just a few inches below the navel, which is also the body's center point of gravity. A number of techniques are based on focussing on your center as an energy source. I have found that focusing on my center was an effective technique for me at the table.
The black box
You imagine you have black box, and you consciously imagining stowing distraction and worries away in the black box, leaving your mind free to focus.

Deep Breathing

This is a well know method of achieving relaxation, of quieting our mind. So I won’t go in to the steps.

Count backward from 100 to 1

It is likely that as your start, you may loose count. If this happens start again.

Mindfulness Upon Details

Brine you mind to observe – really observe what is going on around you? Slowing down forces you to bring your mind into the present moment. This moment of awareness can be amplified by bringing all of your mind unto the thing that is in your present. This forces the mind to be aware.

Affirm Your Present

Repeated mantra, where you repeat a chose set of word or phrase over and over again.

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