Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The power of your mind - Goals setting

Your Conscious Mind = The Captain of the Ship
The conscious mind has the ability to think, decide, and to act. It is rational in nature and its purpose is to either accept or reject the information that it receives. He issues orders to his crew and they follow it without question or evaluation

Your Subconscious Mind = The Crew of the Ship
Your subconscious mind takes orders without questioning the conscious mind. It simply obeys and carries out those orders.

Your Thoughts = The Captain’s Orders
The quality and safety of the ship can only be as good as the quality of orders being communicated from the Captain to his Crew. If you think "I am fat and ugly", your subconscious mind will oblige and take you on a binge. If you think : I am tall and strong", you will start walking straighter.

Here is an exercise to see how it works.

Create a pendulum by tying about 20cm of string to a small metal washer, nut or bolt.

On a table put a piece of paper with a 2 crossing lines.

Get comfortable at a table. Pick up the pendulum in whatever hand you write with. Rest your elbow on the table. Holding the string between your thumb and forefinger, suspend the pendulum over the paper.

Holding the pendulum with the washer suspended over the paper, look at it (keep your eyes open), and think about the string moving in one of several directions from A to B for example. Don't try to make the pendulum move, and don't try to keep it from moving. Once it is moving, you can start thinking about another direction going from C to D. Or you can make try make the pendulum going in circle.

The same principle works for your goals. If you have a goal when you go to play a game of bridge, if your purpose is clear - you unconscious mind will also work toward the same aim. Remember: the goal cannot be to win - For you have no total control on the results.
The goal has to be related to your own performance, to your actions - whether your goal is to play card perfect, or to only make no more than 3 errors, etc.

The second point is that the purpose has some what in line with your capabilities. The ship may sink otherwise.
You don't have a choice over using your subconscious. You can only choose what instruction you give. If the instructions are not clear or do-able, you will get random results.
So step 1 toward the zone is:
Have a clear goal every step of the day

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