Wednesday, August 5, 2009

If you only have room for ONE Goal

In a previous post about quieting the mind, I talked about the captain ship and its crew. When the captain is focussed on captain's matters, the crew gets the job done. Likewise, your captain's mind must be on the cards and only on the cards.


If you cannot be much bothered to keep track of your own performance (after all, it is only a game!), then only keep track of ONE thing.

But do it every every time, whether you are playing a practice match, playing a friendly match or playing the real McCoy.

Your performance goal = 80% (or whatever number above 50 you want to start at)

  1. Stop thinking about past and the future and become immersed in the now.
  2. Stop predicting (going into the future in your mind)
  3. Focus 100% on the cards.

And after every game, give yourself a score of 1 to 3.

  1. why did you get up this morning
  2. next time will be better
  3. you were in the zone

When you get to a hundred, add it all up and divide by 3 and you get your achievement. Then start another set.

PS: If you always get 100%, you may need a reality check

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